Stls - Level 3 Diploma - Unit 333 Safeguarding

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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6. Why is it important to safeguard children and young people? (2.1) Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard children. All adults and people working with children have a responsibility to ensure the safety of children and young people and protect them from harm. Every child can be hurt, put at risk of being harmed or abused, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity. It is very important to safeguard children and young people as no one deserves to be abused, whether it is physical, emotional or sexual abuse. No child or young person deserves to be neglected and we (everybody working closely with children and young people) have a duty to protect them from any harm. Every child deserves to live without the fear of harm or abuse. If we protect children from harm, they are more likely to grow up into confident members of society. Children with disabilities are three times more likely to suffer from/experience neglect and abuse. It is up to us, who work with children, to recognise the signs and symptoms to protect all children. 7. Explain what is meant by a child centred approach (2.2)

A child centred approach promotes the right of the child to choose, make connections and communicate. Each child is an individual with their own needs and interests. It means that children are all different and should be valued and respected as individuals. They should be respected for their identity and uniqueness, be able to express their views, opinions and feelings. Their wishes should be taken into account during decision making, to give them a sense of belonging. They must not be discriminated against. It is important that children need to be protected, loved, cared, nurtured and protected from the adult world.

8. Explain what is meant by partnership working in the context of safeguarding (2.3)
Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children depends on effective partnership working with agencies and professionals involved in the welfare...
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