An Informal Report on Different Types of Business Information and Their Sources

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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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To: Carole Marsden
From: Alex Lawson
Date: 28th September 2011
Subject: An informal report on different types of business information and their sources and purposes used by HMV.

Business information is a vital factor in a business as it’s the structure of the company eg; Market research, Economic analysis and executive profiles. This also helps keep the company from becoming redundant. Internal Communication methods in HMV would be things such as; Walkie talkie, Intranet etc…

Verbal Communications
Verbal information is things such as facial confrontation which basically means having a conversation or meeting or discussing to somebody’s’ face. Verbal Communication usually means any communications made by speech. Eg; Telephone communications are a great way to communicate in a verbal way.

Written Communications
Written communications usually consist of methods like: Catalogues, magazines, and Billboards. This simply means expressing whatever information needs exploiting it can be exploited correctly using words written down.

On screen communications
On screen communications can usually mean advertisements on the TV or promotional offers on the screens placed around the stores in HMV. On- Screen communications are a communication that hmv will use everyday as it’s a good way of advertising there products or offers.

Web based Communications
Web based communications are a very common thing in the retail industry. Retailers find this way of Selling or Advertising a product or even displaying a upcoming product. This is beneficial to retailers such as hmv Because Hmv don’t need to Take up storage in there stores the products can be directly sent form a warehouse and there’s much more of a chance of a customer noticing it on a internet site than walking past it in a store. Multimedia communications

Multimedia communications means Advertising using games and Multimedia advertisements such as adding a hmv cd into a Game where the...
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