Amul “a Forgotten Saga”

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  • Published : June 20, 2012
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“AMUL” is a common name in every Indian household. Amul is the most loved and used name on the Indian breakfast table. The mention of “AMUL” instantly draws attention towards two things – “the yummy Amul butter” India’s favorite and Amul products mascot “Amul baby” [a chubby butter girl with ponytail and polka dots dress]. But the history, the background, the growth is the story of India’s white revolution; finally given the name “AMUL” is known to very less. The success story of “AMUL” is actually a prime example for the upcoming entrepreneurs. “Amul” origin is just alike the story of the origin of mighty Ganges. The holy Ganges at the time of its origin was just a small rivulet in the Gangotri ranges of Himalayas. Similar is the story of Amul which inspired “Operation Flood” and triggered off the White Revolution.” It started on a minimal scale but now has mammoth collection of a billion liters per day. Amul is the other name of liberation and self reliance.” The “Amul movement” started as a kaira district cooperative milk producer’s union on 14th December in1946. The milk producers of Kaira [a small district in Gujarat] had to travel long distances to sell/deliver milk to the only dairy of that time-“POLSON” in Anand. Very often the milk went sour in summers as the producers had to travel long distances. In winters, the producers were left with surplus milk, which they had to sell at throwaway prices, which enforced on them by the agents. Antagonized, sad and angered by such unfair practices the milk producers approached Sardar VallabhBhai Patel. He advised local producers to form a co-operation instead of selling it to POLSON. Thus in 1946 after long struggling strike by milk producers got the achievement of establishing a leading Kaira district co-operation

The success story of Kaira co-operative inspired many local producers of milk and in very short period, unions was formed in Surat, Mehsana, Banaskantha, Baroda and...
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