American Revolution

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Writing Assignment 3

America had a goal after the American Revolution, and that goal was that the United States would inevitable expand all the way west, to the Pacific. Through out 1790-1850, Westward expansion was the main goal of most presidents who fell in this time period. The country grew geographical from “Manifest Destiny”, socially & culturally from the increase of immigration, and economically from cotton in the south. Even though there were tons of problems that arouse from these expansions, the United States benefitted from these changes.

The changes leading up to the years of 1850 were minuscule to the positives that helped make the United States better. The Louisiana Purchase by Thomas Jefferson, to Andrew Jackson’s vision added millions of acres of land to the growing nation. The creation of the middle class was a positive change for America. Even though the War of 1812 seemed to be a disaster for early American politics, (trying to enforce the Embargo Act) four main points helped American grow from the mistakes. 1 in politics it affirmed the importance of a strong national government, (Schultz 163) 2 it vacated the British from control of the West, 3 it shaped American as a strong contender in world affairs, 4th, it unified the nation and boosted American patriotism. It was important to Vacate the west of the British and powerful Native American tribes, to make room for Americans to expand. With the expansion from the War of 1812 led to tons of the creation and advancement of new states and new territories.

The first industrial revolution also took place in this time period. Not only were people expanding out west, most citizens also started to work in factories. The invention of steam powered and coal engines, helped build the factory economy. Factories made it more efficient to produce goods in large quantities. In the south the cotton reaper invented by Cyrus McCormick ,made it easier to pick out the cotton fibers from the seeds....
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