French Revolution

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Causes of the French Revolution
The French Revolution was a key event in the history of France. This revolution consisted of the king known as King Louis XVI, wealthy nobles, peasants, and the middle class known as the bourgeoisie. France during the old regime was split up into different classes called estates. The peasants and bourgeoisie were put into a group called the third estate. The second estate was made up of rich nobles. Then the first estate was made up of a small group of clergies. The third estate made up 97 percent of the population, while the other two made up only 3 percent of Frances population. The third estate rebelled in many different ways to show the clergy and nobles that they will not stand for their unjust government. There are many causes that could have sparked this revolution, such as: the tax percentage paid by the third estate, the lack of necessary resources, and the fact that America was successful with their revolution.

One of the main causes of the French Revolution was the unfairness that the third estate had to deal with. The third estate made up mostly all of Frances population at the time, with 97 percent. This estate did not get the amount of land they deserved. 97 percent of Frances population only owned 55 percent of the land. The first and second estate controlled 45 percent of the land even though there was only 3 percent out of 100 (Document 2). The third estate was tired of not having a say in political power in their country so they took a stand. They began bombarding the king. After many attempts they then caught King Louis XVI and his royal family attempting to flee France. King Louis XVI was then sent to imprisonment. After many months of imprisonment and many new changes taking place in the government, King Louis XVI was beheaded by the guillotine. Since that day France government was never the same.

A second cause of the revolution in France, was...
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