Although Teenagers Should Not Have a Job While They Are Still Student.

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Although Teenagers Should Not Have a Job While They Are Still Student.

Although many people think teenagers should not have a job while they are still

students, I believe that it’s a good idea. No parents hope their children get a job while

they are still student, because when their children get a job or a part-time job, it will

cause their school work. Even the society think it is a good experience for teenagers to

learn about how to face to dirty face while they already worked in some stores, or get

a good experience of society, but I think it is not a good reason to convinced me.

Moreover a person says “I think that if a student can handle a job, it is a great way to

earn money and learn responsibility. If a student is both well-rounded and mature

enough to handle a part-time job, he or she can benefit greatly.

[] ”, I can not accept

this opinion with this person, because teenagers never know it is dangerous while they

work in some place or they have to responsible their job. There are three parts that I

want to show you.

Some students want to earn money form part-job and go to buy a lot of famous

products, because they do not have enough pocket money from their parents. So they

want to find out some jobs or part-jobs while they are still students. But at first, I think kids have to learn how to save money, because they always get the pocket

money from their parents, they never think about the money is difficult to earn and

how to earn money in the society. Even their parent already teaches them, everyday

must keep some money in their ‘PIGGY BANK’ while they didn’t finish the pocket

money. At second, kids must avoid unnecessary expenses in their life, for example:

buy a lot of toy, buy a lot of comic book, or buy a lot of TV games. All of them are

unnecessary things, and keep the money to buy something useful things or plan to go

to somewhere to join the trip; it is all useful and helpful things while they still grow

up in their school life.

Some students need to help their parents earn money, because their parents can

not get a job or they are inconvenient to do something. So their children were obliged

to go to work to help meet the family expenses. But I think child should focus in their

school work, because when they neglect their studies, they can not get the good job in

the future, and also can not learn a lot of knowledge while they had work. Some

people say ‘A student has to do lots of studies in today's competitive world to prove

them. He has to spend his most of time in school to get good grades. If the student

gets involved himself in job in rest of the time, then it would cause an extra burden on



agers-have-jobs-while-they-still-10476/#msg49485]’ I really agree this person’s

opinion, because I think students should get the actual strength while they still are

student, and consider about how to take care their parents while their parents become


Some students need a job to earn money to pay their tuition, because they are

growing up in a single parent family or they were orphaned. So they must deal with

every things and how to be a street-smart person by themselves. At first, I think if

teenagers or students ask some help from government or ask some information from

back, I think it should be helpful for them, because some back will give law interest

for some students while you get some problem in a difficult situation, or give you

some good way to choose how to return the money. At second, I think if u can not find

out any help or good ways between government and bank, I will agree get a part-time

job after school or get a day-time job while you study in evening class. Because it is a

different situation....
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