Airport Incident Management System

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1. Introduction

Airport operations are growing in complexity day by day, and extend across multiple service providers at the airport – namely ground handlers, customs, immigration, retail tenants, air traffic control, security, baggage handlers, airlines consortiums and airlines. These agencies use the airport infrastructure in such a way that they meet their commitment to their customers in due time. These commitments put a lot of pressure on the airport infrastructure support staff to keep the systems up and running efficiently.

Currently these services are handled manually at most of the Indian airports, so there are umpteen chances of these services to breakdown at most appropriate time when airport are supposed to meet their stated commitments with agencies. These incidents are very frequently occurring, particularly at the busy airports like Delhi and Hyderabad where pressure to meet timelines are heavy on airport infrastructure.

Therefore there is a need for a technology solution to provide the flexible and proactive service delivery which guarantees the availability and usability of the infrastructure available at the airport to meet the commitments. This case study discusses a solution that raises the service level of the airport to its agencies and eventually creates a positive image in the minds of its users.

This case study is based on this technical solution provided at one of the busy airport where the technical solution created, provides the right answer to different stakeholders at the airport.

The context diagram
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2. Case Study - Purpose

The purpose of this case study is to highlight the technical solution provided to solve the problems arising due to the multiple agencies of the airport using the same airport infrastructure.

3. Case Study Methodology

The methodology to arrive at the solution to the use of airport infrastructure problem was the extensive survey method and later on the software implementation methodology for implementing AR Systems (Incident Management Components).

The Survey Method - A questionnaire about the status of services provided by the current staff to the concerned agency department was circulated and feedback collected. The response feedback was consolidated and improvements discussed and applied.

A need to streamlining the procedure or writing the standard procedure was felt and implemented in the short run.

Visits by senior management staff to similar airport and studying the response to the tender floated by the airport led to the long term planning of implementing the software solution.

4. The technology strategy

After the gruesome struggle to provide the required service 24x7 at the airport terminal building, a search for better technical solution that can cater to the current requirement and as well as give scope for future growth is always on.

A team of experts were constituted to suggest the course of action which can address the airports infrastructure problem in the short run and simultaneously can find appropriate technology solutions to mitigate the problem as well as expand the extent of service at the airport for future projections.

Short Term Planning –

It was felt that in short run the airport operation must have the standard procedure which can be followed and improved with the experience of supporting the agencies of the airport. The performance of the support staff can also be measured and their skill enhanced to meet requirements of different support levels.

Long term Planning –

An appropriate IT solution must be developed or procured to record incidents / solutions and can use the learning/Knowledge for handling future incidents.

5. The Short-Term Process Engineering Solution Approach

An exhaustive list of airport activities is...
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