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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Top Training Takes Off at Birmingham International Airport
Why does OCS place such high importance on training at Birmingham International Airport? At Birmingham Airport, one of the busiest international airports in the UK, OCS provides a wide range of customer-facing services including support services for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) to ensure their smooth transit through the airport. In all of these areas, OCS believes that training is key to customer satisfaction and that consistency of approach is vital, with every member of the team trained to the highest possible standard in customer service skills.

What delivery methods were used?
OCS built a strong relationship with the training provider best able to understand and dovetail the training with the specialist roles undertaken at the airport. A site-based assessor carried out workplace observations and assessments to set targets against national standards. Employee briefings kept everyone informed about how the training process would work. The entire programme was also reviewed on a regular basis through NVQ internal and external verifier visits and a quality auditor.

What training solution was adopted by OCS?
To unlock the potential of the OCS team and help them perform to their fullest abilities, the business embarked on the NVQ Level 2 Customer Service Programme. This NVQ framework gave a wide range of units relevant to job roles. Different achievement levels allowed easy progression and flexibility to undertake additional modules whilst ‘naturally-occurring’ service situations were used as evidence of competence.

Has the training and qualification process brought tangible results An airport is a place of potentially high emotions with the opportunity for things to go very smoothly or badly wrong. Whatever the circumstances, passengers need reassurance that there is someone available who has the competence and confidence to resolve problems. OCS staff at Birmingham have these...
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