Airasia Berhad.

Topics: Financial ratio, Financial ratios, Malaysia Airlines Pages: 19 (6480 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
2.4Lending Institutions9
3.Overall Comparison of Years (Refer to Appendix 1-5)10
4.Sources of Finance13
5.Market Value of Share14
6.Economic Conditions15
7.View of Chairman’s statement (Refer to AirAsia 2010 Annual Report, pp.58-60)17 8.Would you buy shares?18
9.General Information about Company (Refer to Appendix 11-19)19 10.Reference20

Appendix 1AirAsia Berhad (Group)'s Income Statement24
Appendix 2AirAsia Berhad (Group)'s Balance Sheet25
Appendix 3AirAsia Berhad (Group)'s Cash Flow Statement26
Appendix 4AirAsia Berhad (Group)'s Financial Ratio27
Appendix 5AirAsia Berhad (Group)'s Market Share Price (1/1/2009-31/12/2010)31
Appendix 6Malaysia Airline System Berhad (Group)' Income Statement41
Appendix 7Malaysia Airline System Berhad (Group)'s Statement of Financial Position42
Appendix 8Malaysia Airline System Berhad (Group)'s Statement of Cash Flows43
Appendix 9Malaysia Airline System Berhad (Group)'s Financial Ratio44
Appendix 10Malaysia Airline System Berhad (Group)'s Market Share Price 2009-201047
Appendix 11AirAsia is the world’s seventh largest airline group and could become the second largest by 202052
Appendix 12Expedia's Partnership with AirAsia Is Just the Ticket for Growth53
Appendix 13AirAsia and ANA form low cost venture 54
Appendix 14Airbus secures 200 jet order from AirAsia55
Appendix 15AirAsia plans to open regional headquarters in Jakarta 57
Appendix 16Fuel surcharges – is it justified?60
Appendix 17AirAsia defers delivery of eight Airbus A320s62
Appendix 18AirAsia’s net profit falls 23% on lower forex gains63
Appendix 19AirAsia price from deemed from profit talking activities64
Appendix 20Share swap deal: AirAsia's Fernandes to gain 20% stake in Malaysia Airlines
Appendix 21Photo with AirAsia Group CEO Office – Ahmad Faizul Ahmad Rusli68
AttachAirAsia Berhad Annual Report 2010
Executive Summary
AirAsia Berhad is the world’s seventh largest airline group. AirAsia group are including 12 subsidiary companies and 6 associate companies. This report is to analysis the two years of financial report of AirAsia and evaluating the current market value. There is an analysis for the account of stakeholder such as the shareholders, supplier, employee, and lending intuitions. Financial ratio will be using to analysis the company financial performance and PESTE is used to analysis the external environment. Financial/Ratio| Year 2010| Year 2009| % Change|

Net Profit (RM)| 1,061,411,100| 506,267,00| 110%|
Gearing Ratio| 68.1%| 72.9%| -6.7%|
Cash Debt Coverage| 2.92| 1.45| 101.5%|
AirAsia net profit in 2010 was increase 110% to RM 506,267,000 due to the strengthening of RM vis-à-vis USD has made the foreign exchange gains and the decrease of Maintenance and overhaul cost. The increase in net profit will result in earning available to ordinary share thus make EPS increase 86.5%, this show groups’ strength. Although the profit of AirAsia was increase tremendously, the gearing of the company was high, this show the high risk for the company. However, they still manage to cover their interest. Besides, AirAsia also invests more than 21.45% to generate the profit. The cash debt coverage was signification increased in FY2010. It was because net cash from operating activities has increase 107%.This means that AirAsia still manage to cover the short-term liabilities while the net cash from operations still generate profit. AirAsia gets the fund from the short-term finance and long-term finance. Long-term sources of finances...
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