Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Aerobic VS Anaerobic Exercise
Jane Doe
Grantham University

Being in the military has caused me to become a better athlete than I have been before. Running is one of our main focuses and in my personal life I have strived to become better at it since I know that I despise running but need to improve on it. One of the things that I have learned is that in order for a high performance runner to reach a level that is desired to help max out their run time for military standards, the individual needs to have a focused training, training with an objective.

The obesity rate in America has continually spiked over the years as well. More than 30% of Americans do not do any kind of physical exercise. By implementing some kind of aerobic exercise into their daily lives it would increase their life span. Training has many different levels that are needed in order to achieve different results. I will discuss the differences between aerobic and anaerobic training which can help an individual become a better athlete and also how aerobic exercise of any kind is more beneficial than anaerobic exercise. Both kinds of training are done to achieve different goals but if you want to develop strength then you need to do an anaerobic training. Your velocity increases and you become stronger because the anaerobic training increases your force and muscular mass. The anaerobic training warm-up is longer because muscles receive a much more aggressive treatment than in an aerobic training. Sprints are considered to be part of an anaerobic training because there is a gap between runs, allowing you to recover, and then to run the next repetition just as fast. According to Dr. Kennedy, author of The Doctors Medical Library, each muscle in the body must be conditioned at least twice a week. Each muscle group should be worked to exhaustion until you cannot do any more. This is done by doing weight lifting of some sort to exhaust the muscles and rotate them. This is considered...
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