Advertising Strategy & Marketing Goals

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Advertising Strategy & Marketing Goals
Reaching out to other independent radio stations, magazines, promotional companies, online and through periodicals, also by sponsoring a minimum amount of talent shows on prominent college campuses, ND CD will create partnerships and business ventures with these entities creating an all inclusive but financially savvy for the companies revenue growth. By using this method ND CD will create a grass root or underground network stream and or outlet for not only the artists but managers and local venues and small retail stores. By following these guidelines ND CD will be able to introduce ourselves as an independent wholesaler and distributor enticing the retailers with the same aggressive marketing scheme as used to attack our independent artists. Convincing the smaller mom and pop stores is extremely essential in navigating through the process of the underground circuit. Also allowing artist the option for digital uploads for a small additional fee yet offering a network of more than 500 online digital download stores. Further enticing the offer to be more attractive to the artists and retailers, ND CD will also offer barcodes as part of the package eliminating the burden of the artists trying to get his/her music in stores but the barcodes will be leased out to the artists through our company thus allowing ND CD to become a nationally recognized independent distributor. With today’s current technology it is very easy for the artists to create the product but have no means of distributing or marketing said product. ND CD’s distribution and marketing services will allow the independent artists to continue to make quality and at the same time focus on quantity while we handle all of their online sales, retail sales and a direct link to the artists themselves. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

By providing the partners with access to a small portion of the companies server, i.e.…Research...
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