Advertising and Promotions for Starbucks

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Advertising and Promotions for Starbucks
Starbucks is known throughout the world for their handcrafted coffee products. Starbucks have plans to launch a new product line for the domestic and international markets. The new product consists of a soda bar that will offer variety of caffeinated beverages to noncoffee drinkers. Acquiring consumers to buy the new product advertising and promotion strategy is crucial for the product success.

By launching the soda bar in Canada the domestic market and Spain the international market Starbucks must identify the targeted audience and their buying habits. Starbucks customers consist of adults and young adults. These individuals are professionals, college graduates, college students, baby boomers, women, minorities, and business owners. Because everyone who visit a Starbucks store may not drink coffee or coffee - related products adding a soda bar will add more variety to Starbucks menu and give the consumer more product choices to purchase.

In order for Starbucks to have a successful advertising and promotions campaign the Five M’s of Advertising must be implemented. The Five M’s of Advertising includes the following: Mission, Money, Messages, Media, and Measurement (Kotler & Keller, 2007). Starbucks advertising strategy deals with expanding its operation in both domestic and international markets by reaching the consumers in places where they work, shop, travel, and dine. Over the years Starbucks have used the less traditional forms of advertising; instead Starbucks relies more on their image for advertising such ads used in movies and television. Starbucks have used their marketing strategy by distribution in a variety of places where consumers make business transactions at in places like malls, colleges, theaters, gas stations, and at home.

Starbucks Technology Trends
The Starbucks brand is the world largest coffee house in the world. In order for Starbucks to keep up...
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