Star Bucks

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Q3.How has Starbucks changed since its early days?

Since its early days, Starbucks has changed in a number of ways. There has been a focus on Retail expansion. Another thing which contributed to the change drive is the company’s growth expansion is product innovation. In the buck owned one third of the American coffee beverage market. This was greater than the combined total of the next five competitors. They had a rapid expansion based on the findings that the coffee consumption in America was on the rise. There were 8 states in the US with out a company operated coffee brewing which offered a large potential market for expansion the belief of the company that it is far away from reaching the saturation level The second thing that changed since the early says is the product innovation. Starbucks introduced at least one new hot beverage every holiday season and its research and development cycle was based on the 12-18 month cycle. There have been some service innovations like the stored value card and the latest innovation included the Mobile Hotspot wireless internet services introduced at the outlets for the provision of internet access in 2000 star bucks stores in the United States and Europe.

Q4. Describe the ideal Starbucks customer from a profitability standpoint. What would it take to ensure that this customer is highly satisfied? How valuable to Starbucks is a highly satisfied customer? The ideal star buck’s customer is usually a customer who is loyal to the brand. It is the satisfied customer that comes at least 18 times a month to the brand out let and usually belongs to the white collar affluent member of the American society. It would take quality service specially the customer satisfaction by eliminating the service gap to ensure that the loyal customer keeps coming back. Furthermore rediscovering the Star Bucks as the coffee brand can be another step through product innovation and improvement of service. Just like any Star bucks’...
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