Advantages of Using Facebook in Different Aspects

Topics: Facebook, Friendship, Communication Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Advantages of Using Facebook in Different Aspects
In the 21st century, social networking has become an everyday norm in society. Facebook, as a method of communication, has grown exponentially in its popularity over its time in existence. It has changed the way people operate over the last few years and is now used for all types of different things, from posting and sharing pictures with your friends, to setting up guest lists for events. Nowadays you don’t even have to be at computer to do your social networking because of such devices as smartphones, tablets, and palm pilots. There is a Facebook page for nearly anything, whether it’s your favorite music star, actor, or sports team, there is a page for it. Facebook is superb for keeping in touch with old friends, sharing information with people, and for giving businesses another form of advertising and a form of feedback from the public.

Facebook has grown to be the largest online community in the world. There are over six hundred million users worldwide and that total is increasing daily. In a country like Canada, or the U.S., almost everyone that uses the internet has a Facebook page. So if 99% of a person’s close friends, graduating class, family, past teammates, etc. are on Facebook, it is very easy and convenient to stay in touch with them. Without social networking, people would lose touch with just about everyone they’ve ever known except for a small group of close friends, family and other people that you would meet through work and other activities. The use of Facebook has helped people to stay in close contact with each other, it doesn’t matter if a person is on a different continent, they can still socialize with everyone who is considered a “friend” on the website. Say somebody is having a birthday party and they are too lazy to phone people, or they just don’t have everyone’s phone number, an event can be made. With the event, invitations can be sent out to whoever is desired, a...
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