Conclusion for Benifits of Using a Facebook

Topics: Adolescence, Belongs to You Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Facebook is one of the network that is very close to teenagers. Most of the teens today have their own Facebook account. Every day, they tend to sign in their Facebook to check for their notification and latest news of their friends and also certain issues. So, what you, as a teenager and a student should do in your Facebook account?. You can do whatever you want. However, in everything you are doing, you should be aware of the danger and consequence of using this site. There are some things you should avoid while using Facebook.

Firstly, we should be careful about revealing our personal information. This is because Facebook is known as public site. Everyone will know many things about us. We should be careful when revealing our personal information, so that we would not face any problem such as being hacked, badmouthed and so on. People will see many bad things through us when revealing our information. The personal informations that we need to take care of are email and password. We have to make sure that we had hide our email and password to avoid those irresponsible people from stealing our Facebook account.

Next, be careful while posting anything that belongs to you on your Facebook’s wall. For example, do not post any inappropriate pictures in your Facebook account. Posting such pictures will put yourself in danger. Outsider may take advantage on your picture. They may use your picture in a wrong way by spreading your picture for their own advantage and will. This prevention especially for girls who brings a lot of benefits to their opposite sex. If the girls follow the instruction that not to post their inappropriate picture, Facebook criminal can be reduce as well as they can protect their family and their pride. This means they won’t sold their pride to outsider even in this site.

As people, we cannot avoid making mistakes. We will always do negative things including in social network site like Facebook. As we always see, many people...
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