Understand Your Right in the Virtual World.

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Internet Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 28, 2012

It is necessary that internet users are well informed of the rules of social networking platforms and that those implementing the laws are adequately sensitised regarding the application of the law to new technologies .

Facebook , Twitter , MySpace and more . Every day starts a new social networking platform for the world to sign up and stay exposed. So what exactly is a social networking site? It is a platform in the virtual world where one makes posts venting his/her feelings , comments over his friends pictures and get connected with people of same likings and interests. Most of these sites cater to diverse audiences while others attract people based on common language or shared racial , sexual , religious or nationality based identities.

Only recently have there been issues of people being tracked down for their posts-insulting common man publically .The victim in many cases was punished , some even leading to the victim being jailed. Is this all issues of common man`s doing because of his lack of knowledge of the rights entailed upon him in the virtual platform ? Or is it the fraud of virtual platform that violates its users privacy and tracks down information of its users ?

While signing up for a new account in any of the social networking sites, one is first led to a page where he/she is to accept a certificate of agreement with the site .What this agreement holds is that, each user of the site is entailed to certain privacy and is free to post any personal information of his/her kind . It also denotes that these information will not be available to the world for any use unless chosen upon by the user. Recent findings have led to conclusion that Facebook , one of the leading social networking site has failed to keep up to this agreement . It was noted that Facebook stores information of its users, from the posts the user makes to even the pages he visits in a server and...
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