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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Discursive Essay

Most children nowadays have a mobile phone, even at a very young age. There are advantages and disadvantages of children having them but mostly cause a various amount of problems.

Although you may not think using a mobile phone is harmful, it is a health hazard in many ways. Mobile phones can damage your key brain cells and could also lead to the Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have found that radiation from mobile phones damages areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and movement of people who use phones for hours more than 50 per cent are more likely to develop mouth cancer than those who do not talk on them at all.

A major disadvantage of children using mobile phones would be that it can cause cyber bulling through either a mobile phone or a social networking site e.g facebook. It is showing younger children inappropriate language and encouraging them to do things they shouldn’t be doing. It can cause bullying where it can make children get upset and worked up about someone calling them names or threatening them. Facebook can be dangerous because of paedophiles and stalkers and this has become well known. Research has shown that parents are unaware of how much danger their son or daughter is in. More than a quarter of children aged 8 – 11 put intensely personal details about themselves online. Teenagers post a large amount of details about themselves e.g where they live and what school they attend. This is very risky as you have no idea who could be looking at this. Social networking sites can also become addictive which is not good for people’s health by being on it constantly. However, there are some advantages of having facebook. It’s easy to contact your friends, share photo’s with family or friends from all over the world. It helps eliminate distance between your friends. Social networking sites have now also been prone to affect childrens education due to the fact they are constantly on them instead of doing...
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