Advantages and Disadvantages of Ford Motors in Building a Social Networking Plan.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Ford Motors in building a social networking plan.

Table of Contents
2.Main Findings3
2.1 Ford Motors Social Presence3-4
2.2 Current Social Activities4
2.3 Other Online and offline Marketing Channels4
2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Ford Motors Social Presence4-5 3. ANALYSIS5-6
3.1 Strategies to improve customer engagement 6-7

This report is going to assess the advantages and disadvantages of Ford Motors in building a social networking plan. Firstly, a brief explanation of Ford motors nature of the business and the type of social networking channels they use. Next, the advantages and disadvantages of Ford Motors social networking presence and their current social activities and their successes. This will be compared to there competitors to measure how well there are doing compared to their competitors and why. The report will then move on to provide strategies of how the business can use to continue to embrace their social media presence along an analysis of each strategy and how it is going to help with customer engagement. Lastly conclusion will summarise the logical outcomes of Ford social presence. 2. MAIN FINDINGS.

Ford Motors Company is a worldwide multinational company that sells commercial cars under the brand Ford and luxury cars under the brand Lincoln. Henry Ford founded the company June 16, 1903. Ford focuses on accelerating the development of new products that customers want and value is a key component of the One Ford plan. From fun-to-drive, fuel-efficient cars to versatile, capable utility vehicles and tough, durable trucks that work harder and last longer, Ford offers a full line of high-quality products with global appeal (Ford, 2012).

Ford motors maintain a number of social networks, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr. They have over ten facebook pages but the most prominent are Ford Motors and Mustang with 1.6 million likes on their Ford Motors page and 4.6 million likes on the Mustang page (see Appendix 1 and 2). Ford Motors Company has more than one twitter account but only two are verified and it is run buy Scott Monty who is the head of social media and Karen Untereker, U.S. Social Media Manager at Ford Motor Company and has 170,000 followers on @Ford account and 56,842 followers on their @FordMustang account (See Appendix 3 and 4). On Youtube they have 89,724 subscribers and 5,446,298 video views (See Appendix 5). Ford motors uses social networking to promote themselves as a brand and create a close relationship with the customers by making them feel a belonging to a community and build trust for them to be able to purchase Fords products. They encourage their customers to post pictures on Facebook and share their experiences with their ford cars with other people. Ford motors twitter account is used to promote their products; they post news articles and share all their upcoming events. They also promote CSR activities that they involved in and hold competitions for customers. Scotty Monty (2012) claimed that, the current number is 38% awareness of a vehicle that is not in the market, which is equivalent to the awareness level of vehicles that we have had in the market for two to three years. Ford head of social media on the consumer awareness since they started using social media. “Over the past ten years, we even used the internet and unique landing pages to measure immeasurable conventional responses. Today, there is a myriad of tools, mostly free, that can help us measure and manage all of our marketing efforts”, (Safko, 2012). Free analytic tools like Topsy and Social mention (Appendix 7&8) where used to measure the amount of time Ford Motors is mentioned in the social media for the past one month.


Ford motors have teamed up with Microsoft this November to...
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