Ford Motor Company

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This paper is about Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company has managed to stay ahead of their competitors, GM and Chrysler. In spite of the hike in the gas prices, the slump in the economy, and the housing fiasco, they have managed to survive in this tough economy. The strategies Ford Motor Company uses to conduct business consist of consumer focus, creativity, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit. Ford Motor Company is a leader in environmental responsibility and they strive to make a positive contribution to society ( 2010). Ford Motor Company strives to improve in everything it does, which in turn provides superior returns to stakeholders. Ford Motor Company research and technology goes behind every single component of the cars consumers drive. Every part of a Ford vehicle is designed to absorb energy and protect the driver, during an impact (Blonde, 2010). The author of this paper will discuss Ford’s F -150 truck and their strategies for marketing this vehicle.

Table of Contents
Situational Analysis5
Description of product5
Current marketing situation and market description7
Product Review8
Competitive review10
Distribution review10
Marketing Strategy14
Positioning strategy15
Product Strategy15
Pricing Strategy15
Distribution Strategy16
Marketing Communication strategy17
Author Creative Approach17

Ford Motor Company’s Vehicles
Ford Motor Company is a [Public (NYSE:F)] and has been in business for 106 years and is an American multinational corporation. Ford Motor Company is currently the second largest automaker in the U.S. and the fourth largest in the world. In 1908 Ford Motor Company produced the first assembly. The assembly line lead to assembling parts quicker and improved their day to day operations. Ford’s products and services are available in 120 countries. In addition to the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands, Ford also owns Volvo Cars of Sweden and has a small stake in Mazda of Japan and Aston Martin of England. Ford Motor Company is listed in the 2007 Fortune 500, with revenue of $172.5 billion. Ford produced 6.553 million automobiles, employees about 245,000 employees, and operates 100 plants worldwide. Five of Ford’s vehicles ranked at the top and fourteen vehicles ranked in the top three and Ford’s F-150 is the number one truck in the US (Mulally, 2008). Ford Motor Company is global and diverse. Ford’s business is driven by consumer focus, creativity, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit. They operated with a proud heritage and are passionately committed to providing and delivering outstanding products and services. Ford Motor Company is currently involved in many technology projects. Ford is working diligently with their R&D department to develop efficient products to compete with their competitors. The company’s main technological goal is to put emphasis on making vehicles with reduced environmental impact and is preparing for the future with hybrid engines and new fuel sources. Ford wants to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and lead the market in hybrid cars and trucks ( 2010).

Situational Analysis
Description of product
Kotler and Keller states, a product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need, including physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, place properties, organizations, information, and marketers plan their market offering at five levels, which are core benefit, basic product, expected product, augmented product and potential product (pg. 169). Ford Motor Company is the second largest automaker in the U.S. and the fourth largest in the world. Ford Motor Company offers a full line of cars, from family sedans to sport utility vehicles to trucks to minivans, hybrids, parts and accessories (Richard, B. 2003). Ford best selling...
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