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Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, James Bond Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Have you ever dreamt of possessing any of the cool gadgets from James Bond movies? Well, then you should know that you can get similar products on the same line with slight modifications in the market. The market is full of trendy gadgets and they have definitely made their presence felt in modern life. With the advent of computer technology and mass penetration of the World Wide Web, technologically advanced products or gadgets are being invented more than ever before. In earlier times, one could see the gadgets mostly in the James Bond movies or other Hollywood action flicks. They were far fetched dreams for the average people. But this is not the case any more. Nowadays, people from middle and lower income groups also flaunt their sleek gadgets with andeacute;lan.

The role of the gadgets in peopleandrsquo;s lives has also undergone a drastic change. Earlier they were more akin to the sci-fi category. Only the wealthy people could afford those stuff and they used the gadgets to show off their assets. In recent times, people have access to Cool Gadgets that help the in carrying out mundane tasks with ease and style. Even though the young and trendy generation uses the gadgets most extensively, people from other age groups are also making use of the gadgets.

While some of the gadgets are meant for executing a particular task, there are some specific gadgets that are truly versatile in nature. For example the personal media players enable a person to record and play audio files, watch movies, listen to radio and also work as a data storage device. Similarly the present generation high end mobile phones double up as digital cameras. One can save money and time by buying such multipurpose gadgets. They also make peopleandrsquo;s lives more simplified.

After the arrival and rapid growth of the internet, the gadget manufacturing companies are focusing on making web compatible products. Most of the cell phones and personal media players are being made with...
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