Topics: Mobile phone, Technology, Chronic fatigue syndrome Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Does technology make us dependent ?
The old saying goes "too much of a good thing…" (cato)
Technology has spread extravagantly over the course of the past 10 years . Before that , there was no wireless , personal computers , mobile phones, iphones . Technology has become so integrated into people's daily lives that it has made them dependent. They are no longer able to live happily , do tasks efficiently or communicate with each other , or even think for themselves without it .

-Supporters of technology claim that technology has made life easier and thus independent and happy . For example the ability to be in contact with everyone due to the social media phenomena such as : (facebook , myspace , twiter . ) and also to get information and satisfy needs by the click of a button is mainly due to technological devices However technology does not necessarily make people happy , having an easier life with minimum human interference and effort does not equate to being happy . Time spent keeping in contact through technology from a distance is a time wasted on not building real human relationships and interacting with loved ones , people grow isolated and depressed as a result of dealing with each other through machines for a long period of time , so instead of being independent people become dependent but on machines ! (Volpi D.2012) -some people claim that technology helps them multitask and keep matters in order for instance , one could chat using a cell phone while cooking or reading a book. However technological devices emit an (electromagnetic field) which contains electrical signals , those signals are the same ones emitted by the brain to send and receive signals form the rest of the body's' organs and nerves , when that field penetrates the brain it causes a general state of confusion and disorientation , constant exposure has been linked to some illnesses such as : chronic fatigue syndrome , lower Iq in children , hormone imbalance , depression and...
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