Adidas Marketing Report

Topics: Marketing, Product management, Product differentiation Pages: 22 (5619 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Executive Summaryp.3
Market/Customer Analysisp.4 – 7
Product Reviewp.8
Competitor Analysisp.9 – 11
SWOT Analysisp.12 – 15
Marketing Objectivesp.16
Target Marketsp.17 – 18
Differentiation and Positioningp.19 – 21
Product Strategyp.22 – 24
Pricing Strategyp.25
Distribution Strategyp.26
Marketing Communication Strategyp.27 – 29
Appendixp.31 - 35

Adidas is a company which produces a wide variety of sports products. It is especially renowned at designing and manufacturing sports shoes, equipments for different sports. It strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with sports brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. They are consumer focused, innovative and design leaders. One of its values is to seek to help athletes of all skill levels achieve peak performance with every product we bring to market. So, for our new product, Adidas – S2, we aim to assist customers in enhancing the effectiveness of exercising.


Nowadays, customers are more attentive to health and exercising. Many companies are developing new marketing plans and strategies to suit customers’ needs. They are looking for products and services that can give them a healthy body and fit body shape, no matter male or female. In order to follow the trend and be the leader, Adidas should also make changes. Changes that make customers know Adidas is also trying its best to suit customers’ needs. Such as targeting and penetrating into new markets by modifying new products or developing new products to expand the target markets.

Define the Market
Adidas is global leader in the sporting goods industry and focuses on both mass market and niche market in Hong Kong. It has two main segments which are Adidas Performance and Adidas Style. Adidas Performance supplies professional sport equipments for athletes and is mainly focused on four key categories: running, football, basketball and training. On the other hand, Adidas Style emphasizes on fashionable footwear, apparel and accessories for the general public. Define the Major Targeting Segments

| Adidas Style| Adidas Performance|
Geographic| Urban consumers| |
Demographic| Teenagers and adults of the middle income group.| Professional athletes, especially in four main areas: running, football, basketball and training.| Psychographic| Middle class consumers who look for causal and fashionable products.| Middle class consumers who have strong interest in sport events such as NBA and FIFA.| behavioral| Somewhat loyal medium product users who care about products’ quality. Mostly potential users, first-time users, and regular users.| Completely loyal heavy product users who care about products’ quality and demand for good performance and functionality and proven technologies in products.|

Cultural Factors:
* Materialism
Hong Kong people are highly brand-conscious in consumptions. A popular brand does not only symbolize good quality, but also represents a person’s social class. They always have the perception: the higher the price, the higher the social class. * “Skinny equals pretty” (for women)

In recent years, losing weight has become a trend in Hong Kong for women. They also believe that wearing black can make people look slimmer than they actually are. Therefore, wearing black clothes has become common for women. * Affect of FIFA World Cup

Adidas is defined as a good producer in the football field as it is the supplier of football for the FIFA World Cup since 1970. This shows that Adidas builds confidence among the football field. The football professionals take this into account when they plan to purchase football equipments.

Review Customer needs and factors in the marketing environment that may affect customer purchasing

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