Comparison Between Adidas & Nike

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  • Published : August 4, 2012
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The company that has first 3 letters similar to mine is Adidas & the other company in the same sector was Nike.

The Mission statement of Adidas is : “The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with sports brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. We are dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding financial results. We are innovation and design leaders who seek to help athletes of all skill levels achieve peak performance with every product we bring to market. We are consumer focused and therefore we continuously improve the quality, look, feel and image of our products and our organisational structures to match and exceed consumer expectations and to provide them with the highest value. We are a global organisation that is socially and environmentally responsible, creative and financially rewarding for our employees and shareholders. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position “

The Mission statement of Nike is : “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete”

Comparison : 1) Both the companies are focussed on innovation. 2) Both are global organisation. Contrast : The mission statement of Nike is simple but it gives their organizations goals and objective to inspire people, not just athletes. On the other hand the mission statement of Adidas is complete & well rounded. It has well defined objectives in different areas which it wish to offers. Moreover ,the mission statement clearly defines that they want to be global leaders in sports industry.

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