Adapting to College

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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My future has been alluded to since I was a very young girl. Most five year olds are infatuated with their toys. Some are interested in battery operated interactive ones, while others are attracted to colorful ones that require a great dose of imagination. Still others are happy with sedentary objects that require no more involvement than merely sitting and observing. I like to believe that I was different.

From as early as I can remember I was a Barbie fanatic. It wasn’t the actual dolls that I loved, but their clothes and accessories. While all of my friends were busy cutting the doll’s hair and putting make-up on them, I was dressing them. 
I consider myself to be a very lucky child. I was the second girl born to a mother who loved clothes, with an older sister who was a true fashion maven. I had an ample amount of dolls and enough outfits to dress and re-dress them all day. As the younger sister I was always forced to be the adoring audience for my sister’s fashion shows. The innovative outfits and accessories her dolls wore, opened my eyes to a whole new world; the world of fashion.

Eventually my horizons expanded and my beloved Barbie dolls were no longer enough, I was forced to bury them deep in the closet. My interests broadened however; suddenly my past experiences came in very handy. I was the most sought after girl in my grade. No, not for my personality but for my flair for fashion. I could take anyone’s drab garb and turn it into something new and exciting. That worked well through middle school but soon my career as a consultant ended as all of my friends and classmates developed their own individual style.

Throughout my high school career, I became involved in many extracurricular activities and volunteer projects. While I was extremely dedicated to all of the activities that I participated in, my community service and volunteer work left the most lasting impression on me. Every girl in my family thankfully has taken part in many...
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