Ad Analysis: Different Methods of Business Advertisements

Topics: Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLII, Woman Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Essay 1
The advertisement business has used many different methods throughout the years. The goal has always been to attract the consumer to whichever product or service they are promoting. Now a days advertisement companies tend to appeal to what the viewer wants to see/hear rather than providing viewers with product information. The advertisement I chose to analyze is the Super Bowl 2010 Spa commercial. The advertisement begins with a woman receiving a massage from a female masseuse. The client says that she “really needs this.” The female masseuse tells her that she’s “so tight.” The female masseuse tells her client that she looks really familiar; the female masseuse then realizes that her client is the GoDaddy girl. The masseuse expresses excitedly, that she “loves, websites, domain names, hosting.” The client responds to the enthusiastic masseuse, “All for less than a dollar a month.” The masseuse asks the client if she thinks she could be a GoDaddy girl too, and the client responds, “Sure, right after the massage.” The vital moment that draws the viewer’s attention is at the end of the commercial, when the masseuse rips her shirt off to reveal a tank top that has the logo on it. The tank top is only on the screen for a millisecond then a black screen appears and a seductive female voice says, “See more now at” The words that the female says also appear on the screen as she says them along with the logo and a warning that states that the web content is unrated. GoDaddy is known for their sexually suggestive themed commercials, this advertisement was no different. In Steve Craig’s “Men’s Men and Women’s Women” he says that advertisers spend copious amounts of money researching, in order to yield a demographic profile of the “target audience” for a product. GoDaddy knew that the majority of the Super Bowl viewers would be male. According to Craig, commercials that are targeted for a male audience...
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