Activities Affecting the Environment

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Activities Affecting the Environment
Vegetable Gardens

The aim will be to produce vegetables intensively, in small or larger spaces, in the ground or in containers, as the situation allows. The establishment of vegetable gardens will also aim to ensure that families have a secure food supply, as well as to generate income to improve the participants' quality of life. Production techniques will be organic, and manure or compost will be used to fertilize soil. The types of vegetables produced will be local vegetables that are no longer farmed, but are well suited to local conditions. Other vegetables will also be identified for coastal slums with saline soil. Participants will be encouraged to prepare organically based growth media to produce vegetables not suited to these conditions. Other types of vegetables will be introduced and used, especially those that have already proven to be well suited to Haitian climates.

Positive Environmental Impacts: This activity will enhance the value of spaces and backyards that are generally underused. Growing vegetables in containers will create spaces for agricultural production. The gardens will make it possible to establish more favourable microclimates. They will also conserve local types of vegetables. Cultivation in the ground, in backyards, and on slopes will help to reduce surface run-off. The inclusion of organic matter will help water infiltration.

Adverse Environmental Impacts: The following will be monitored: the use of unsuitable soil, poor-quality organic fertilizers, and dirty irrigation water.

Small-Scale Livestock Breeding

Included in the initiative at the participants' request, this activity will involve producing poultry, rabbits, and guinea pigs. The breeding of these types of livestock is known. However, it is not widespread, due to a lack of means and technical supervision. Setting up these breeding units also aims to ensure food security and generate income for families, to improve their quality of life. Two uses are planned for the livestock: to be eaten at home and to be sold. These animals will be bred in cages, which can be stacked vertically or lined up horizontally. Production sites will be backyards or other spaces used for this purpose. The designated spaces are already available and adapted to the Haitian context. Some producers live in urban areas. Livestock will be fed with residues from food and market crops. Feed will also include domestic kitchen waste. Supplemental feed will be purchased from local feed suppliers to intensify livestock production, especially for poultry. Hillside slum dwellers will be encouraged to use small spaces on slopes to produce fodder for rabbits and guinea pigs. These types of crops will also play a role in protecting slopes.

Positive Environmental Impacts: This activity will produce manure to fertilize urban gardens. Some slaughterhouse waste will be used, such as dried blood in compost, or skins in crafts from re-usable materials. Breeding livestock in pens also has the advantage of eliminating risks of the animals destroying or deteriorating the environment.

Adverse Environmental Impacts: The following adverse effects will be averted through monitoring. Diseases and parasites can spread in poorly run breeding units and can also affect human health. Other adverse effects are the poor management of livestock wastes, and poor management of fodder crops.

Fruit-Tree Seedling and Ornamental Plant Nurseries

The nurseries will be developed in backyards or other spaces developed for this purpose. This activity aims to enable families to increase their income by selling seedlings or produce from fruit trees. This activity also aims to enhance the environment by restoring wooded and eroded areas, and by developing green spaces. Nurseries will occupy small spaces. Participants will be encouraged to grow seedlings in re-used or recycled plastic containers, in an organic growth medium prepared with manure or...
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