Interactions with Humans and the Environment

Topics: Neolithic, Christopher Columbus, Prehistory Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Interaction between humans and the environment
a. Demography and disease: The demography of the world has been increased ever since the beginning of time. We have reached the point of having a population of roughly over seven billion. Disease has taken the demography of the world for a spin, decreasing it rapidly, or slowly. As stated on page #195, great stretches of Germany was full of “famine, disease, roaming packs of wolves” b. Migration: They call people who never stop moving “nomads”. The world is like a Nomad, always on the move. The way humans have migrated around the world has greatly changed. People started migration by foot. As the world as progressed, people started to migrate by faster ways. On page # 34, migration occurred in 1200 B.C. The Cretans were driven out by new, northern tribes. Chapter 15 states that Romans created roads, making it easier for people to migrate, although this was not the purpose of the road system. Joan of Arc drove out the French Army and the English out of France (page# 160). In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean blue. When he asked Spain at first to give him boats to find an easy trade route, the declined him. He then went to France to ask. Spain called him back and granted his wish (page# 174). This started the biggest migration movement. c. Patterns of settlement: People always follow the crowd. That’s where the phrase “be a leader not a follower” comes from. When people migrated to different locations, they tended to follow others for a specific reason. Nowadays, people move because they have to or want to for a better living. Back before financial problems, people would move to a settlement, or even create one because maybe there was an ample amount of supplies in that given area. Stated on page# 177, Hernando Cortez took an army to Mexico just to conquer Montezuma. Cortez ended it all with a bloody war, but came out with gold and jewelry. d. Technology: Compared to one thousand years ago,...
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