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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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I thank our honorable course instructor Mr. Rajiv Ashrafi for giving me the opportunity to work on this project. His guidance and instructions all through the project work made the research project so easy. I have tried my level best to work according to his instructions. In addition, I would like to thank all the respondents of the survey for their kind responses. It was helpful to have their responses. I also thank all the friends and peers who have helped me all through this project for giving valuable suggestions.


Smartphone, the magical invention led by the modern technology. Not only it is responsible for reducing the distance from one corner of the world to another, it has also it has made life easier for us. All classes and all ages of people use smartphones now. However, is the smartphone reduce the art of conversation? I think, yes. Therefore, this led me to establish the hypothesis that is “smartphone is reducing people from face to face conversation”. This whole research paper reflects that the smartphone reducing the way of face-to-face communication. My primary data analysis suggests that smartphone is a more convenient way of communication. Therefore, people do not need communicate with each other in person. Moreover, the secondary sources also helped me by giving the same result. So my hypothesis was proven very efficiently. Overall, I tried to represent that smartphone is reducing people from face to face conversation.

Table of Contents

IntroductionPage 06

BackgroundPage 07

Areas of ResearchPage 08

HypothesisPage 09

MethodologyPage 09

Primary Data Presentation and AnalysisPage 10

Secondary Data AnalysisPage 22

Summary & research findings Page 24

LimitationPage 25

ConclusionPage 26

ReferencesPage 27

A smartphone is a mobile phone with numerous additional features that extend its functionality. A smartphone provides all of the functions of a standard cell phone. In addition, a smartphone supports e-mail and Web browsing capabilities as well as word processing, office productivity and collaboration applications. Smartphones typically come equipped with a full-featured QWERTY keyboard as well as touch-screen and voice-activated controls to enable easy data input. Most smartphones can also incorporate relatively high-resolution cameras, video recording capabilities and robust audio playback functions. Smartphones have their own operating systems and are capable of hosting mobile versions of applications. The most popular smartphone operating systems include Symbian, the Blackberry OS, iPhone , android and Windows Mobile. Those smartphone have varoius functions which reduce the in person communication. From a functionality standpoint, high-end smartphones allow users to perform most of same tasks that people can do in face-to-face meeting. With the evolution of technology, we are communicating faster and more frequently, but less personally and less deeply. Almost all major manufacturers of mobile devices today offer smartphone technologies. As we become more attached to our devices, we have not only detached ourselves from one another, but we have filtered our experiences through the information we elect to receive on our phones. We have all the applications like Skype, fbmessenger, watsApp. viber etc in our smartphone .So that, we can easily communicate with the people in anywhere in the world. There was a time when everyone would talk face-to-face, but that time is over. It is much easier to pull out the phone and text a friend, co-worker, family member or partner than it is to go see them in person. This way of communication is in no way healthy. It has become so bad that people will even text each other from the other side of a...
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