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Topics: Information systems, Decision theory, Decision support system Pages: 3 (641 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Back In Tyme Records

Information Systems Proposal
By: Robbie Wolf
March 18, 2012

Table of Contents 1.) Introduction to Information Systems 2.) The 5 types of Information Systems 3.) Benefits and Drawbacks of each type 4.) Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Information systems are a viable part of any business today with most everything being related to the Internet and technology. Information systems collect, process, store, and analyze information for a specific purpose. Most information systems are computer-based which use computer technology to perform all the intended tasks. The basic components of information systems are hardware, software, network, procedures, and people. Information systems also have many capabilities. They can perform high speed/high volume numerical computations, they provide fast and accurate communication within the organization, store lots of information in a small space, allow quick and inexpensive access to huge amounts of information, and interpret vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently to just name a few. I this proposal I would like to explain to you the five different types of information systems along with their benefits and drawbacks in relation to Back In Tyme Records.

Information System Types * Transaction Processing System- This type of information system supports the monitoring, collection, storage, and processing of data from the organization’s business transactions. An example of this is when you check out at a grocery store and the cashier swipes your item across the barcode scanner. * Decision Support Systems- This type of information system provides access to data and analysis...
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