Information Systems Proposal Paper

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Information Systems Proposal
Katherine Pratt
November 27, 2012
Stephen Allen PhD

Table of Contents
Information Systems Proposal3
Functional Area Information System3
Disadvantages and Advantages3
Transaction Processing System4
Disadvantages and Advantages4
Office Automation System4
Disadvantages and Advantages5
Management Information System5
Disadvantages and Advantages5
Electronic Commerce System6
Disadvantages and Advantages6

Information Systems Proposal

Plans have begun to flush out an idea for a traditional record store. Steps had to be taken to determine the important information technology (IT) systems, which would most benefit the business model. While several know IT systems exist, they each have their own faire share of benefits and flaws. With careful consideration of each system, five have been chosen as being most appropriate for this planned record store. They are as follows: * Functional Area Information System

* Transaction Processing System
* Office Automation System
* Management Information System
* Electronic Commerce System
Functional Area Information System
The first information technology (IT) system beneficial for the small vintage record store is the Functional Area Information System (FAIS). The information extracted through this system is largely useful to the middle and lower-level management of the designated business area, such as finance, payroll, marketing, and human resources, etc., through assortment of reports. This allows management to forecast, manage, and run corresponding business operations (Thakur, n.d.). Disadvantages and Advantages

The disadvantages are expensive formation, lack of unison of authority, and overspecialization. The advantages of this system are adaptability, teamwork growth, enhancement of control and dexterity of the business, distinction in specialization, promotion of allocation of authority, etc. Analysis

Despite the aforementioned disadvantages the FAIS can be proven beneficial. The system isolates the business functions and helps in their development. It will allow the store to adapt appropriately to changes, such as additions to the staff, promotion of self growth of employees through methods of evaluations, and increased popularity through individualized marketing efforts. Transaction Processing System

The second, and probably most important, IT system for the small record store would be the Transaction Processing System (TPS). This system allows collection of pertinent data in regard to its business operations. This data can in turn be used to further analyze business functions and shed light on effective and ineffective practices in various branches of management. The TPS system needs to be accurate, efficient, secure, and private. Disadvantages and Advantages

The disadvantages are duplication of data, and potential exposure of information leading to legal hardships. The main advantage is proper order of data procession, which permits proper categorization and coherency during analysis of the data for management efforts (Rainer & Cegielski,  2011). Analysis

Point of Sale (POS) is an example of a transaction processing system that the record store should use, allowing collection of the store’s sales records for future analysis. Office Automation System

The third IT system recommended for the store would be an Office Automation System (OAS). OAS consists of software, equipment, and machinery used by the business’s workforce for day-to-day activities. This would include computing applications, image scanners, copiers, and assembly line machinery, to name a few. Disadvantages and Advantages

The disadvantages comprise of the upfront expense for the tools, equipment, labor, and training, also the possibility of business standstill during power outages. The advantages include...
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