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ACCA (ENG) (F4) Corporate and Business Law Mind Maps
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Essential Elements of Legal Systems

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Cases – The English Legal system
Golden rule

Adler v George

The word “in the vicinity of a prohibited place in the Official secrets Act was held to cover the acts of the defendant which took place “within” a prohibited place The contagious diseases (animals) act provided that any ship carrying animals should carry them in pens. Defendants sheep washed overboard. Held – Purpose of act was to prevent spread of diseases. Claim failed.

Mischief rule

Gorris v Scott

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The Civil Courts - UK
European Court of Justice
If EU matter

European Court Of Human Rights

Privy Council

House of Lords

Court of Appeal EAT
High Court

Ch a


nc er

Fa m y


Queen’s Bench

Employment Tribunal 7
Magistrates (small area for council tax and some family © OneStudy Trainingmatters) Limited


The Criminal Courts - UK
European Court of Justice House of Lords European Court of Human Rights

Court of Appeal

Divisional Court QBD
Points of law

Crown Court

Magistrates Court 8
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The Law of Obligations

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Watch out for Williams v Roffey - considered a new contract when: 1.Practical benefit. 2. Not extracted by fraud or pressure

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Cases – Valid contract

Carbolic Smoke Ball Co

Key Points
A contract can be formed where acceptance is by conduct (unilateral). Note – The offer cannot be withdrawn when performance to meet offer has began Deemed accepted on date of posting (unless strike). Goods on a shop shelf are an invitation to treat

Acceptance (postal rule) Invitation to treat

Household Fire Insurance v Grant Pharmaceutical society v Boots cash chemists

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Cases – Valid contract
Invitation to treat (adverts)

Partridge v Chrittenden

Key Points
Case - The appellant put the following advert in a magazine: “Bramblefinch cocks and Hens 25s each” Held – Advertisements are not offers unless definite (carlill) Facts - The restriction of offensive weapons act creates a criminal offence of offering for sale certain offensive weapons. A shopkeeper was prosecuted under this statute for displaying a flick knife in his window. Held – Invitation to treat as shopkeepers can refuse Case - Wrench offered to sell Hyde a farm for £1000. Hyde made a counteroffer, by offering £950. Wrench rejected this. Later Hyde came back and said that he now accepted the original offer of £1000. Wrench rejected it. Held – A new offer was made Facts – M querying delivery times in Iron. S tried to pull the offer saying that this query was a counter offer. Held – Cannot treat simple queries as counter offers.

Invitation to treat

Fisher v Bell

Counter offer

Hyde v Wrench


Stevenson v...
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