Psy 201 Week 3

Topics: Classical conditioning, Learning, Psychology Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Dq 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Dq 1
The 3 stages of memory are Sensory Memory, Short-Term Memory, and Long-Term Memory.

Sensory Memory is the earliest stage of memory. Information from our surroundings is stored for a short period of time for auditory information.

Short-Term Memory is information that we are aware of or information that we think about. Most of the information that is stored in our short-term memory for a longer period of time than the Sensory Memory.

Long-Term Memory has information that is largely outside of our awareness and can be called into our working memory to be used when needed. Some information can easily be recalled while other information cannot.

Knowing how our memory works can help us learn better by writing down our thoughts so that we don't forget them. For instance, during my down time at work, I may decide to work on a discussion question and can easily get distracted by questions from my teammates or writing out an email. It would be to my advantage to write down what I'm thinking at the moment and refer to it when I need it. Dq 2

From the study that I have taken in the text on page 212. It stated that I was mainly and sound type of learner. I can see where they can get this as a results for the study and I do agree that I do some of my learning from hearing what is being said about a task that I am doing, But I would have to say that I do not really agree with the study. I know that I am a visual learner, I do my best work If I have some one to show me what types of things that need to be done for a certain task. If I had to go along with the study because I do think that maybe half of my task skills come from listening to a task. I think that I would use it at all times. I know when I am working I would use this memory style to work with the patients that I am looking after that day and every day, there are also the nurses and other staff that I am working around. I think that there are people that like to work in certain...
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