Absenteeism of Pupils

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Our warmest greetings and thanks to all employees of the BFAR-RFO1 especially to Director Nestor Domenden and Ma’am Girly Dela Peňa as the OIC- Finance and Administrative Division of the BFAR-RFO1.Thank you Ma’am and Sir for accommodating us as your On-the-Job-Trainees and to the employees for sharing the knowledge that you had. Despite our fear you mold us to become stronger persons & confident in times of dealing people, and also for the valuable experiences and wonderful camaraderie that we gained in your office.

We also thank to Dr. Agustin D. Cortez Jr. as the Dean of Institute of Business Education for giving us knowledge and motivating us to accomplish our report.

And we also thank to our grateful parents for recognizing to us the importance of education for all the support & loved you give to us and to all the sacrifices and advice & taking care to us when we encountered some struggle in life.

Moreover on behalf of God we thank you also for all the blessing that you given to us and also by giving the strength to face our overcome challenges.

Once again we convey our warmest greetings and Thanks to all.


The Industry/Agency

A. History of BFAR-RFO1

 The passage and approval of Republic Act 8550- "An act providing for the Development, Management and Conservation of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Integrating all Laws Pertinent thereto, and for other purposes" heralded the organization of the office that would provide assistance to the fisher folk and other fisheries industry clients as well as the LGU's. It is also mandated to provide direction for the development, management and conservation of the...
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