Balancebot - a Self Balancing Robot

Topics: Serial port, Serial communication, Serial Peripheral Interface Bus Pages: 71 (17190 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Remarks by Advisor

------------------------ Advisor Sir Abdul Rehman Yasin
Remarks by Head of Department

------------------------ HOD Sir Waseem Nazar


We would like to dedicate this project to the most precious relations Allah has bestowed on us: my parents, my teachers, and my friends. Parents:We would like to avail this opportunity to show gratitude to our parents who supported us, encouraged us, and enlightens us in every walk of life. Teachers:Each of you has contributed to shape our world as it is today. Friends:Our friends who stood by us in every thick and thin of our life. Thank you all without you we would not be what we are today.

This is to be acknowledged that in this project we were never alone, all the time ALLAH almighty’s special blessing are with us. By ALLAH almighty’s special blessings we were able to complete this project and also it was ALLAH’s mercy that we got in contact with Mr. Usman Rashid Baig our senior university fellow, and it is the courtesy of his, that we got all the technicalities of market and training with the help of his some close friends, also lend us his many costly tools and parts of the plane we did many experiments on these parts and tool which helped a lot In the discussion of friends, we would like to mention the name of Mr. Haris BS Computer Science from The University Of Lahor and Mr. Saad lab engineer at the Superior University, these two guys were generously gave us their precious time all the time we requested and we needed for training and maintenance of plane and flying and while the discussion of maintenance there were honorable Mr. Zakki how not only helped but also he gave us his expert opinions about the design and plane parts also Mr. Salahudin owner of two factories also gave us his expert opinion about the autonomous flight in different weather conditions also about the servo motors. One of the contacts of Mr. Usman Rashid Baig is Mr. Rashid Ashraf doing his B.Com from Punjab College had designed and made the fuselage of plane, also gave us the wing of his one of the planes and also did some changes in the wing for compatibility purpose We really thank to our advisor Mr. Abdur Rehman Yaseen who encouraged us for this project and gave us his full time, he was available to us for twenty four hours, a day it was his knowledge and expertise that we have accomplished this task, in each and every technical problem he guided us and helped us at his best. We learned a lot under his supervision.

Part 113
Flying Basics & Controls13
Chapter No.114
Flying Controls14
1.1 Aerodynamics:14
1.2 Airplane Control Surfaces:16
1.2.1 Ailerons:16
1.2.2 Rudder:17
1.2.3 Elevators:17
1.2.4 Flaps:18
Chapter No.219
2.1 Analysis:19
2.1.1 Servo-Motor Working:19
2.1.2 RC Plane Requirements:20
2.1.3 Varying the PWMs:21
2.1.4 Trimming for Adjustment:21
2.1.5 Mixing of Aileron & Rudder:21
2.1.6 Transmission:21
2.2 Design:21
2.2.1 System Context Diagram:23
2.3 Finite State Machine (FSM):24
2.4 Pseudo code:25
2.5 PCB Design:26
2.6 Programming:26
Chapter No.335
Capabilities of 8051 Microcontroller35
3.1 Features of 89C51:35
3.2 Basic Pins of 89C51:36
3.2.1 I/O Ports:37
3.3 8051 Timers:37
3.4 Timer Registers:37
3.4.1 TH0/TL0 & TH1/TL1:38
3.4.2 TCON:38
3.4.3 TMOD:38
3.4.4 Timer Modes:39
3.5 Serial Communication40
3.5.1 Setting the Serial Port Mode:40
3.5.2 Setting the Serial Port Baud Rate:42
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