Narrative Report

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Presented to the Faculty of the
College of Business
University of Rizal System
Rodriguez, Rizal

In Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Marketing Management


The author would like to extend his profound gratitude to all persons involved in making this narrative report.
Dr. Marita M. Canapi, President University of Rizal System, for her great concern in the upliftment of this University;
Dr. Fe D. Batoon, Chancellor Cluster I, for giving the author to experience the narration work;
Mrs. Maricel V. Maniaol, Program Head College of Business and On the Job Training Adviser, for her moral support, for her encouragement and guidance;
Mr. Alexander S. Paulino, General Manager/Business Partner, Phoenix 1129 Marketing, for accepting and guiding him as a trainee and assisting him to the field of marketing;
Mrs. Emilie L. Jimenez, Proprietor/Business Partner Phoenix 1129 Marketing, for sharing her knowledge and to make her training valuable;
To the Phoenix 1129 Marketing Staffs, for the knowledge and assistance extended to the trainee;

Mr. Hector R. Rubliales II, for his moral support and for being an enthusiastic and energetic adviser;
His classmate, friends and best friend for being part of the author’s life during the time through sadness and joy, and for supporting her physically and emotionally; His Fraternal Brothers and Sisters in Alpha Sigma Phi Philippines Inc. especially Delta Xi Chapter, for showing the real brotherhood and sisterhood, for helping the author to be better the man; His Bro. Raynaldo Dy. Reyes and Bro. Alexander S. Paulino for sponsoring his education and supporting financial needs; His Parents, Mrs. Lilia Vargas and Mauro Vargas, for being supportive and loving mother; Finally, to our Almighty God for giving his life blessings, wisdom and strength to face the difficulties.

Humble Piece of work is heartedly
Dedicated to our beloved ALMIGHTY GOD
Who always give guidance and strength to do this work
To my Beloved parents
Mrs. Lilia Vargas and Mr. Mauro Vargas
Bro. Ray and Bro. Alex
For supporting my education and financial needs.
To Bro. Jeff, Bro. Jopan, Sis Mhay and Sis Cherry
And to “AMMEx” family,
Who always been there even through,
Fun and sadness of my life.


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On the-job training is made by a supervisor or a co-worker on-the-job. The supervisor acts as coach, mentor or a tutor who assists and guides the trainees in the rudiments of the trainees’ work, legal philosophy and interpretation and basic concepts on personal development, moral values, record keeping, communication and handling office interrelationships.

It also aims to impart more skills in work decision making such as determining which work opinion to issue in various situations, evaluating significance of findings and recommendations, conducting and reporting in a performance job using the basic computer, reporting work and using computer-assisted work techniques.

The trainee is required to complete 400 hours of practicum subject.
OJT seeks to develop supervision and marketing skills at the junior marketing level. This also includes concepts and principles of Public Administration so that they will see their work in the context of the entire bureaucracy and its interrelated systems.

Lastly, OJT develops senior marketing skills in planning, communicating, and self-confident, coaching and other marketing skills to properly motivate personnel and to ensure productivity.

It was November 5, 2012 when I was formally started On the Job Training at Phoenix 1129 Marketing, the orientation of my job description and tasking was done on may first day including the familiarity of the business.

On the First week of November, my task was to memorize all the merchandises and equipments for the...
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