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Firstly, we would like to thank to our beloved lecturer especially to Business Essential lecturer for giving us support and guidance to complete this report. We also want to wish a billion thanks to our group member’s co-, commitment and also a brilliant advice in completing this report together.

Secondly, we also want to thank to Marketing Manager in KFC for giving us co-operation regarding interview days with him. We really appreciate for giving us opportunity and experience to gaining knowledge about Marketing at KFC Holding Berhad.

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When Corbin, Kentucky, restauranteur Harland Sanders began to establish a chicken franchise business in the mid-1950s, the pressure-cooking process he had developed twenty years earlier ensured his position at the forefront of the American fast food revolution. In 1964, Sanders sold the flourishing Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation for $2 million. However, by retaining the "Kentucky Colonel" as a roving ambassador, and instituting his image as the corporate icon, the company was able to continue promoting its product as "finger lickin' good" chicken in the best tradition of Southern-fried home cooking. The "down home" identity was somewhat compromised by Pepsi Co's $840 million buyout in 1986. The company was rebranded "KFC"—the word "fried" deemed inappropriate in an era of consumer health-consciousness—and integrated with other PepsiCo-owned fast food chains, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Nevertheless, the Southern patrician visage of the Colonel continues to decorate thousands of KFC's worldwide.

Marketing Department
Marketing is the right product to the right customer, at the right place, at the right time and the right price through right communication and promotion. Marketing is often dynamic, challenging, and rewardign it can also be frustrating and even disappointing. But it is never dull. In KFC all the Marketing efforts (Product Planning, Pricing, Distribution and Promotion) are designed and combined in a coherent and consistent way. They have the updated knowledge of market situation. They keep eye on actions of the competitors. They consider that all employees are potentially good, responsible, helpful and trustworthy and they given them opportunity for growth, self-control and personal responsibility. They know that teamwork and collaboration generate a greater volume of production than does destructive interpersonal competition. Now, Kentucky Fried Chicken captures a maximum market share. This is only due to excellent marketing strategies adopted by the organization. Marketing department is the admin and most active department of the Kentucky Fried Chicken it perform all the key activities of the business. The basic purpose of the marketing department is to advertise its products in the market and keep eye on the competitors that what they are doing. The department introduces the new policies and satisfying the customers. The body of the department is comprised of Marketing Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager and Planning Manager.

Organization Chart of Marketing Department in KFC Company

* to be the leader in western style quick service through friendly services, good quality food and dean atmosphere. * committed to customer satisfication through offering high quality with excellent services and good value. * great pride in serving each other. Our customer and our communities. * seek continuos improvement in all that we do.

* Food and Fun, this is what KFC is all about. Lending the market since its inspection, KFC provides the ultimate chicken meals for a Chicken Loving Nation. * Be it Colonel sanders secret original recipe Chicken or the Hot an Spicy Version, every bite brings a YUM on our face. * At KFC we can...
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