Abortion vs Adoption essay

Topics: Pregnancy, Adoption, Parent Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Adoption is a process when an adult takes legal control of a child who is not biologically his or her own to become the child's parent.   Doing this, the new parents will take rights and responsibilities from the biological parents. Adopting a child can be an absolute great experience and upon starting on the experience there are several steps that are processed before moving forward. Acquiring a good understanding of the process helps the experience more pleasant for the adoptive parent and child. Adoption can also offer the fetus/infant an opportunity to be born, resulting potentially in a good, quality life, and existence. Agencies and processes are in place to assist with this, either privately, or publically. Becoming a parent and birthing a child are natural events in human life; however there can be complications, which require other considerations.   When one is not ready to become a parent, but are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, there are a couple of legal choices.   They are Adoption and Abortion. With perceptions and laws as they currently are, lives continued to be altered by these choices, both in positive, and negative ways. There are contrasting views and comparable factors with both choices, but outcomes of these two choices are very different--Life and Death. Considering the views of adoption and abortion, adoption is the better outcome. Our criminal justice system puts people away in jail for life if we kill another human being. That being the case, how can anyone justify killing a completely defenseless child, which defines abortion perfectly. Abortion is a procedure done by a doctor that involves removing the fetus before the third trimester (3 months) of pregnancy. It is a quick out patient procedure and may be covered by insurance companies. In some cases they are free, as offered by Planned Parenthood. This method is often chosen because it is a confidential procedure and can be done before anyone knows you are pregnant. This is often...
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