Abortion vs Adoption Comparative Essay

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Ashley Francis11/18/2011

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What are your thoughts on abortion and adoption? Is one better than the other? Many Americans will say that adoption and abortion are the same, and it does not matter which one is chosen, because at the end of the day, the child is still gone. I disagree. Abortion is senseless when adoption is a much better option for someone in an unwanted pregnancy.

Some comparisons of abortions and adoptions exist. Abortions and adoptions are both considered as giving up the child. An abortion is killing the child and adoption is giving the child to another family to take care of until the age of 18 and even after. The medical definition of an abortion happens when the fetus, fetal membranes, and placenta are discharged prematurely. The proper term for adoption is when a family takes in a child legally and raises that child as if he or she were his or her own.

Even though adoption is a better choice to take, adoption and abortion both have consequences. Adoption and abortions both can cause emotional stress and physical stress as well. Some people become very depressed after choosing either option. They feel lonely, want to be alone and away from others, some even have to be put on medications for depression. Adoptions and abortions can harm the physical health as well. Some people do not eat, some harm themselves, and some even grow so stressed that they turn to suicide as a way out of the depression.

Most people decide to put a child up for adoption or to have an abortion because he or she has goals in life wanted to pursue. Both options permit goals to be pursued earlier in life. Choosing adoption or abortion gives the opportunity to go back to school and earn a degree without having someone else to care for. Also these options can give the opportunity to start a career sooner.

Even though adoption and abortion seem similar, they are not. These two options are...
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