Abortion: Morally Acceptable or Not

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Murder Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: March 17, 2008
Abortion…Morally Acceptable or Not

Whether or not abortion is morally acceptable has for long been a debated topic. When discussing this topic, the context in which the word "moral" is used needs to be clearly understood. The word "moral" has many different meanings. One meaning of this word is: "conforming to standards of what is right or can extend in behaviour: virtuous". So much has been said and is still being said, written, aired on radio and television, and argued in courtrooms about abortion these days simply because nobody knows if it is ethical or not. Subsequently, this essay will attempt to argue the case against abortion. Abortion is the act of denying a child who is still in the womb a chance at life. It is wrong and looked down upon by many religions. One religion that will be referred to is Christianity and what the Bible says about having an abortion. Another issue is that abortion is the easiest and also the laziest way out of a complicated situation. Having an abortion may cause the health of a woman to be at risk. The chances of a woman getting pregnant again may decline. These are the issues that will be the focus of this essay: innocent lives being killed, the Bible's view on abortion, and the health of women taking part in this act. A teenager who accidentally becomes pregnant and does not want anybody in her family or the outside world to find out about her pregnancy may likely want an abortion in order to avoid humiliation. However, it is important to take into consideration that by aborting a fetus, you are taking away an innocent life; a life in which you created. For a mistake somebody else makes, an innocent life has to suffer by being forced to die before it is allowed to be born. According to Centers for Disease Control Surveillance, the total number of abortions done in hospitals around Canada from 1970 to 1995 was approximately 1,464,450 and from 1978- 1995, 189,956 abortions were done in clinics. Sadly enough, the province...
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