Thomson vs. Marquis: Abortion

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Thomson vs. Marquis
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The question between whether abortion is morally right or wrong has been talked about for years and no common ground has been made. Judith Thomson, a believer in Pro-choice, argues that abortion is not wrong because the mother should have a choice of what happens to her body. In response to this, Donald Marquis who is against abortion believes every fetus is a human with a right to have a future like ours. Each Ethicist gives examples and theories as to why abortion is wrong or right. In this essay, I will attempt to show that abortion is okay in some cases, and Donald Marquis’s views and arguments are broad and incorrect.

Abortion has always struck an uncommon ground between people, especially when rape or contraceptive failure is the reason for the abortion. Judith Thompson starts by explaining the Violinist argument. The argument is something like this; you wake up in the morning and you find yourself back to back with an unconscious, world famous violinist. The Violinist, come to find out, has a rare kidney disease that can be fatal if he doesn’t have a donor with the same blood type. The Society of Music Lovers looked everywhere for someone with the same blood type, and found that you were the only compatible donor in the world. So without your permission, they took you in your sleep and hooked you up to the violinist blood stream. The director of the hospital tells you that he is so sorry that the Society of Music Lovers did this to you, and they wouldn’t have let it happen if he knew what was going on. But unfortunately it happened, and to disconnect you before the nine month treatment would kill the violinist. After the nine months, you can be safely disconnected from the Violinist and move on with your life. 1. The violinist and the fetus (which is a result from rape) are both living and dependent on another person for survival 2. The violinist possesses the trait of being attached to a person against their will leaving that person the choice to remain connected to the violinist. ________________________________________________________________________ 3. [Likely] The fetus also possesses the trait of being attached to a person against their will leaving that person the choice to remain connected to the fetus.

Therefore, the violinist and fetus have no right to stay connected to another person’s body without their consent furthering the argument that abortion is allowed in the case of rape. Thomson also gives an argument in the case that you have consensual sex and the contraceptive that you use fails. Suppose that people seeds floated around the air like little pollen and can attach themselves to the carpet inside your house. You decide that you do not want children, so you put a fine mesh screen in front of your windows so you can leave them open without one of the seeds attaching themselves to your carpet. On occasion, the mesh screens can have a default, and in your case, the mesh screen failed and a seed attached to your carpet. Thomson does acknowledge that you intentionally opened your windows and knew that there could be risk of one of the seeds getting into your home. 1. The peopleseed and the fetus (which is a result from failed contraceptive) are both...
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