Abortion Ethical Debate

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortion debate Pages: 5 (2125 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Abortion is a very commonly debated ethical issue. There are many people in today’s society that know that a person’s decision on whether abortion is ethically right or wrong should be a matter left to one’s self and not a matter that should be decided by the law. Abortion, after all, involves issues pertaining to what the value of human life is. People’s rights, happiness and well-being are all issues that also pertain to the debatable issue of abortion. Abortion is an ethical and moral matter because people’s rights, happiness, and well being are all morally and ethically relevant. What one says about abortion also may have relevance for what one thinks about fetal research. For example, promising studies have shown the tissue from aborted fetuses might be used to relieve the symptoms of some persons with Parkinson’s disease, an incurable degenerative neurological condition (Callahan 32). Recent developments in cloning technology have shown possibilities for taking stem cells from the embryo at the blastocyst stage and programming them to produce organs such as kidneys for transplants ( Callahan 33). The issue that is presented to society is whether or not abortion is ethically acceptable. There are people who strongly support abortion, and there are people who strongly disagree with it. Those people are separated into two groups known as “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” In the abortion debate, the health of the mother and the child are the primary concerns. Pro-choice activists are more for the mothers and Pro-life activists are more for the unborn child. Pro-life supporters would “consider the termination of pregnancy as murder, and claim that those who are pro-choice are like the Nazis who intended to eradicate the Jewish population” (Kadayifci 62). Pro-Life supporters take a higher stance on rights than pro-choice supporters; their movements are better organized, well financed, and sometimes even go to the extreme of “harassing and threatening abortion professionals and patients” ( Kadayifci 62). They accept the fetus as a person, which would mean that the fetus has the same rights that belong to a person, including the right to living, and that it is wrong to end the life on an innocent person. Pro-choice supporters would argue that “the pregnant woman has rights to privacy, ownership of her own body, equal treatment and self-determination” (Kadayifci 64). Many pregnancies are unwanted and pro-choice supporters would say that they would rather choose non-existence to being unwanted. They would also go back to the fact that no contraceptive method is fail-proof, so abortion should remain as a last resort for unwanted pregnancies. What people say about the morality of abortion depends on several issues. Some are strictly ethical matters and involve basic ethical perspectives, such as the nature and basis of moral rights. (Callahan 46) Others methods of deciding one’s view on abortion are based somewhat on science and society facts, such as what happens at different stages of fetal development and what the likely consequences are of certain actions given particular societal circumstances, such as rape and incest. There are other matters that are abstract, like the meaning of abortion or the definition of when life begins. The analysis begins with certain factual matters about the stages of fetal development and contemporary methods of abortion. The following informative information about stages of fetal development and types of abortion procedures help people determine their stance and whether they are pro-choice or pro-life. When people talk about the stages of fetal development, it is often very crucial to what stance they take by the label that is given to the developing fetus at particular stages. This is very relevant to the ethical argument of abortion and the question of when the developing organism is seen as a “human.” When the egg is fertilized it is called a zygote, which means that...
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