Abortion Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay

The dictionary defines the word “abortion” as the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy. Is this not considered murder? When a life is taken by another, this is called murder. A mother has many other options to consider if they are not ready for motherhood. Abortion may be the easy way out of the situation in some eyes, but many see it differently.

Adoption is an option for one that is considering aborting a pregnancy. Adoption agencies now take high precautions in placing a child in a family. They make sure that the families are loving and have a healthy environment for the child to grow in. The child will be able to live a good life and become a successful member of society. If the fetus had been aborted, the child would never have had a chance to live and love.

Mothers can choose to keep the baby. Sacrifices will have to be made, but the life of a child is more important than time or money. There will be difficulties in raising a child, but there is always the support of family and friends. Family will always be there to lend a hand and help in any situation whenever needed. If you are in school, there are many ways to receive an education from home or night school.

Abortions are selfish acts on the part of mothers. Most mothers do not want to deal with the hardships that come along with being pregnant and after. Becoming a mother can be scary, but abortion is not the answer. Our world is usually looking for the easy way out of situations. To a young woman, the mindset is that abortion looks appetizing as they do not know what to do with such a surprise of becoming pregnant. The easy way out results in death of an unborn child, unable to defend his/her own life.

In closing, I do not believe in abortion. There are many choices to make in the event of having an unwanted pregnancy. To have to option to put your baby up for adoption into a loving home is a wonderful way to...
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