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Abortion- Should it be legalised or not in Mauritius?
Abortion means the termination of pregnancy before its completion. Abortion medically exists in two major forms.
1.The SPONTANEOUS abortion, which is defined as the termination of pregnancy without any medical or criminal interference. 2.MEDICAL abortion, which means the termination of pregnancy under medical interference. Our concern whether abortion should be legalised or not, is mainly related to MEDICAL abortion. This is the subject being most debated these days.

Should medical abortion be legalised or not?

Many big countries like UK, USA, RUSSIA, medical abortion is legal. The very reason for this understands by both medical staffs and the parents. Who does not want a baby but what if during the pregnancy , investigations shows that the child will be born abnormal with certain life threatening diseases? or the child will be born handicapped? continue the pregnancy or terminate it? Will the mother and father be able to bear the pain of the child throughout his life when they knew from the beginning that the child would be born with certain abnormalities? Having a child is God gifted, but making that child lives in a miserable way throughout his life is unbearable. Thus, in this case it should be legalised.

Considering Criminal fact is the main reason why this question of legalising medical abortion is being given prior. Recent statistics from the past years have revealed that the amount of rape cases have been increasing by leaps and bound. A woman being victim of a rape bears a double pain carrying an unwanted child in the womb-a child that she never wanted and never expected. A child that will always make her remember the dark moments of her life. A child from an unknown father. In this particular situation, woman who has been raped and gets pregnant later on, should still conceive the baby? From this point of view, yes medical abortion should be legalised.

Women with low income-...
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