Abortion Laws Should Be More Strict Because All Human Being Deserves to Live

Topics: Pregnancy, Fetus, Abortion Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: May 20, 2011
Abortion laws should be more strict because all human being deserves to live.

Abortion is an intentional killing of a foetus in a women womb. The ethic of abortion is an extremely controversial issue. People often claim that it should be banned, in Poland it is. However, from my point of view it should not be so strict. First of all, there are cases when woman is brutally raped, consequently she is pregnant, as a result, she might hate her baby, because child would remind her about this horrible event. In my opinion abortion is the only solution to this situation. Secondly, it also should be permitted when mother discovers, at an early phase, that an embryo has defective genes. Therefore, a child could suffer from serious disease in the future. I believe that abortion would be better solution than let live such baby and feel great pain that you cannot help him. On the other hand, there are opponents who argue that abortion should be illegal. In most cases yes, it is true. For example, when it is about young women, who claim that there are too young to have a baby. But as someone said ‘ If you are mature enough to make a baby, then you are mature enough to take care of it.’ So these girls should regroup (zastanowić się) before they start play mature. Taking everything into account, I think that abortion should be legal only in few cases, on the others, laws should be more strict because every human being deserves to live.
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