Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Childbirth Pages: 4 (1609 words) Published: March 10, 2013

Abortion has been considered as one of the most controversial and debatable ethical issues for a long time now. It has roots deep in the history at least couple of hundreds years, and there has not appeared a unanimous view on it so far. Moreover, it is possible that our society won’t live to see such a thing. Since the termination of the pregnancy is frequently discussed and has many different views on if it is to be legal, illegal, unethical or ethical, a lot of questions arisen in the past. Questions and answers to them differ in many ways, depending if the issue is considered for example from the non-religious or religious point of view. In addition, important are also the rights of people connected to the act of abortion, same as the rights of a fetus. Even though legality of abortion varies from country to country, could it be considered as ethical and moral? As we know, not all issues that are legal are ethical and moral. Firstly, lets start with arguments in favor of abortion. Who has a right to decide whether pregnant women should undergo an abortion or not? Could law interfere or could each woman decide that on herself? One of the strongest arguments is that the mother has a right to chose whether she wants to keep a child or not. Especially in cases of unwanted pregnancy, which can be caused by many reasons. Getting pregnant after being raped or incest is one of those situations, and also very suitable for resulting in abortion. What woman would want to keep a child after such a painful and terrifying experience? Could she keep the child and love it as it was planned? Other situation could be just unwanted pregnancy due to the carelessness or bad contraception. These things can happen to any woman and her body, and as a matter of fact these things do happen daily. Since it is her body, she should have an explicit right on deciding about her own body and her own future. If the abortions were not possible in previously listed cases, what...
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