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Case 4 ScenarioEH 372

1. Read the case below.
2. Read and then draft the communications outlined in the assignments below to demonstrate what you know about technical communication strategies. 3. Post the letters AS ONE FILE.
Cotton Products Convention
On October 15, 2012, retailers of cotton products from throughout North America will descend on New Orleans for the 19th Annual Cotton Products Convention, sponsored by your employer, the United Cotton Products Association (UCPA). Through this conference, the UCPA provides updates on the state of the cotton products industry and promotes the interests of its membership. As executive assistant to the president of the association, you bear full responsibility for organizing the convention and preparing for the guests.

Here are some details about the membership of the UCPA:
Total: 5,320
Regional distribution:Northeast1,032
Midwest 503
Other 754
Gender distribution:Female 27%
Male 73%
Average age:54
Average income:$68,000/year
Annual dues:$100
Occupations represented:Retail cotton products merchants, wholesalers, farmers, brokers, researchers, advertisers, marketers, production specialists, and government relationships experts.

Part 1: Letter to Senator Freeman
Your boss has suggested that Senator Rosa Freeman from Georgia would make an excellent keynote speaker for the convention. Your assignment is to write a letter to Senator Freeman, inviting her to deliver the keynote address. Be persuasive enough to make her actually want to travel to do this speech.

Part 2: Letter to General Reynolds
Army General (retired) William "Pap" Reynolds sent a letter to your boss in which he offered to speak at the convention without charge. General Reynolds intends to run for the U.S. Senate in the state of Ohio. Your assignment is to write a letter declining his invitation. This is a sensitive message, so be sure...
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