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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Raw Cotton:

1.What is your idea about cotton? What are the different types of cotton? 2.Draw a diagram by which you can explain process production & marketing of raw cotton. 3.What are the different countries where raw cotton is produced? Draw a table in where you can explain country wise percentage of raw cotton in the world. 4.What are the steps to import raw cotton from other countries? Explain with diagram & documentations produced in bank. 5.Explain communication procedure with exporters of raw cotton in other exporting countries. 6.Write down the names of exporting companies are exporting raw cotton from other countries to Bangladesh. 7.What are the different types of man made fiber?


8.What is your idea about Yarn? What are the different types of yarn in terms of count & kind? 9.Draw a diagram by which you can explain process of yarn production of Cotton Yarn,(combed & card),CVC, Polyster, Mellange & any other kinds of yarn. 10.What are different types of machines required in spinning mill? 11.What are branded machines used in sections of spinning mill? 12.Make a list of countries of machines manufacturer of spinning mill. 13. What is your idea about weight of a full cone of yarn?

14. What is your idea about baby cones of spinning mill?
15. How many cones are included in one cartoon of yarn & total weight of one cartoon yarn? 16. What is BTMA? How many members are included in BTMA? Who is present president of BTMA? 17.What are the main functions of BTMA?

18. Write down full address of BTMA along with phones & email address. 19. Write down top ten spinning mills in terms of number of spindle. 20. Write down the list of yarn exporting countries to Bangladesh. What are the types of yarn & fibers exported from other countries? 21. Write down the present price list of cotton yarns & other types of yarn like CVC, Polyester & Millange.


22.What is your ides about...
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