7th Seal

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Western Civ.

The Seventh Seal

The gloomy, slow, and mysterious Bergman’s 1957 The Seventh Seal grasps the viewer’s attention through its underlining religious concepts and haunted themes. Kept in the original Swedish language it was a pleasant change and placed the viewer in the setting of the movie. The seventh seal follow Antonius Block and his game with death.

Starting out at sea, Antonius and his squire Jons have just arrived from a crusade. They travel back to their town in Sweden where it has been ambushed by the plague. Throughout their travel, Antonius was approached by death his time was up. Instead of giving in, he made a deal with the peculiar looking man that symbolized death. If Antonius resisted their match he lives, but if he wins, he goes free. Antonius resists, their match will continue another time.

In the next scene, an actor names Skat, who stumbles on some misfortune along the way. But Skat values his wife, family and career. He has visions of Biblical figures yet no one believes him.

All the while outrageous tales of the plague are being told from one to another, steering fear in the land. Antonius visits a priest at confession and pours his curiosity about God, and tells his plan how to beat death at chess. Pretending to be the priest it was death. They set up another meeting to play. Antonius had a plan to escape, the plague was getting worse and he wanted out. He invited Skat’s family along, whom he had gotten confortable with. While the family was preparing to leave, Antonius played his last game with his destiny. But he, too had something up his sleeve. Antionius knocked over the pieces so the family could escape without him. Skat saw Antonius playing chess with the devil. Antonius lost in the end, but he was allowed to go see his wife before he died. His wife and servants all died and were last seen by Skat dancing over the hills, but no one believe him ofcourse.

The Seventh Seal uncovered religious views...
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