Asterix and the Actress

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Asterix and the Actress
Asterix and Obelix get back to their village in Gaul. They found it deserted, but then, all the townspeople reappear for their birthday surprise, were their mothers received them. Their mothers want them to get a wife but they don’t want one. Their fathers were not able to visit them so they sent them a sword and a helmet for their birthday gift. Meanwhile their fathers are in Condatum, working, they decided to go for a drink, they eventually got drunk and when they got back from the pub, they found their sale’s place all messed up and a bunch of roman officers who took them to the perfect’s place, they suddenly got arrested for not giving the relics of Pompey back. Bogus Genius created a plan in sending an actress dressed as a beautiful Gaul named Panacea, who was a roman actress named Latravatia .She is sent to the village with Fastandfurius. They got in and she faked a memory loss, she asked for Obelix and he fell in love with her so she took the helmet. She later stole Asterix’s sword and wanted to run away but Asterix and Obelix asked for a ride to Condatum to save their fathers. In the way they saw the romans fighting each other,they fought them and Latravatia and Fastandfurius ran away ,they followed them,Latravatia and Fastandfurius met with the real Panacea and her husband, they solved the situation and we went back to Condatum were they saved their fathers and Julius Caesar gave them a trophy ,the perfect was arrested as well as Pompey. Asterix gave the trophy to the actress. They later returned to the village to celebrate their return.

Astérix est le héros,il a les cheveux blonds. C'est un guerrier de petite taille, mais extrêmement intelligent et courageux, se caractérise par un casque ailé et deux moustache blonde.Il porte une chemise noir et un pantalon rouge Obelix:

Obélix , gaulois guerrier, grand, gros, de bonne humeur, menhirs bâtis. Il a les cheveux rouges Il est tombé dans la marmite de potion magique...
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