Death Through the Eyes of Everyman

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  • Published : February 14, 2011
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Everyman is a morality play. A morality play is a play on a biblical subject. The characters of this play are a personification of all of mankind. A morality play is a drama generally set in the 15th and 16th centuries which uses characters to portray the soul’s struggle to receive salvation. Everyman talks about how life is transitory. One day everyone will have to stand before God and answer for their life. Everyman depicts a man who is struggling with his own salvation. God sends death to Everyman to send him on a journey to search him. One day all of will have to face death. Death is not always a negative thing. Death can be positive as well. Everyman can be compared to a Renaissance tragic hero who struggles against his will, passions, his ignorance, and, lastly, his death. One day you will have to stand before God and answer for your good deeds orf your evil ways. Death had a clear message for Everyman. Death will not always come in a personification like he did in this play. Sin may seem good at first, but in the long run you will lose your soul. The Bible says in Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” IN THE BEGINNING

The Beginning of the play starts with God speaking. He talkings about how he died on the cross to give people life. Death was very important in this instance. This death was necessary in order to save the whole world from their sins. He also mentioned the seven deadly sins. These sins are significant in the fact that the world is corrupt and one day people will answer for their sins during judgment. When you stand before God what will he say? Will he say “well done” or “depart from me thy worker of iniquity I never knew you”. God also talks about how people live for their own pleasure. God will not always send Death to warn you like he did in the play. God says that people would be worse than beast if God did not provide. THE...
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